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Dear Kim Youngmin or Lee Sooman or whoever is in charge of SM’s show productions,

EXO will have a new variety show, EXO 90:2014. Me likey that they’re having enough attention for this year - that they are famous, that they are thankful… coz Tao, Yixing & Luhan have shared their happiness on Weibo countless times in the past month like whatever China line.

However, due to recent unfortunate events - Tao getting his foot wounded (w/ minor wounds on his hands & wrists) & Luhan getting dehydrated before the Meilishuo fanmeet, I propose several laid back activities that EXO can do for their variety show:

1. EXO getting a massage in a high end spa (either they get massage treatment… or they massage each other *wink* 5 out of 5 stars, highly recommended)
2. EXO dozing off till 2PM in the afternoon (I personally think this will have a 10% rating - 1% higher than Kyungsoo’s new drama)
3. EXO reading a phone book (fans will convert the shit out of it & make it their nightly lullaby)

Hoping you consider, 


A fan ;)

Eren + 3DMG

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On the argument on why SM is giving Chanyeol an acting gig while Kris wasn’t


SM, as a huge company in the entertainment industry, knows that there should be proper timing in everything. Allowing Kyung, Yeol, Suho to act in KOREAN dramas/movies is incomparable to giving Kris acting deals because Kris, in the first place, isn’t Korean & his Korean isn’t really soothing to the ears. Tao has better Korean skills than Kris, & the fans know that. I was there during the DKFC concert in Manila, & Kris’ English sounded drunk. Kyungsoo sounded better than him.

Now if you debate about the fact that Luhan was given the acting gig first among the Chinese members… well isn’t Luhan the visual of M? That’s why it was him & Kai who who represented EXO in the PYL Maxstep MV & both of them always stand in the center of their group formation when they stand as OT12 in interviews & red carpet events. Both of them are considered the primary visuals of EXO.

In idol groups, it is usually the visual that gets the most projects first before the other members. It’s just the way it is. And if you’ve been a Kpop fan for years & follow other groups as well, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Then when the group gets a firm footing in the industry, the other members get projects as well until they have individual projects like how SuJu & GG are right now.

Actually, all the members of EXO already had individual projects since last year. Kris, to be specific, was thrown into MC-ing (e.g. Simply Kpop at least twice, YT Music Awards w/ Taec & Min, Asian Song Fest w/ Hyukjae & Taec. And he also had radio guestings outside of the usual OT12 guesting (e.g. Kray in SSTP & MBC C-Radio, 5 of them in Hong Jinkyung’s radio) He was even allowed to sing Rainbow in C-Radio & Call You Mine in SSTP. SM wanted to show the fans that he can actually hold a note, not as good as the main vocals but he CAN sing. And he also had that Dream Team guesting w/ Tao. He also represented EXO in the running & archery matches during the Idol Sports Championship last year. And during SM Town, he had Like a G6 w/ Key & Amber.

Point is, SM was also showcasing him & his talents. SM wasn’t just focusing on the Korean members nor the most popular members. So if you wanna think that Kris just got greedy & could not wait for his “time to shine”, then that’s up to you.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson behind the scenes of Catching Fire

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